Covid-19 Update

Hi Church,

It goes without saying that this was a difficult time for all Australians as we weathered the storm of COVID-19. We are all in this together and now is the time to reach out to exemplify the best that Australians can be and show what real Christianity is all about to a bewildered world.

Please ensure you are supporting your neighbours, checking on the isolated and elderly, avoiding panic-buying, practicing self-isolation and above all showing respect and civility to those around us even when tensions rise and tempers flare. Now is not the time to be selfish. Be willing to share and look out for the needs of others. Continue to pray for protection and peace for those in the frontline. Pray for wisdom for our leaders and pray for opportunities to show Jesus to our unsaved friends.

We will learn to live with the impact of this virus and find a new normality knowing that God and His promises will never change. Keep reading His word and praising Him for his goodness and grace in our time of need.

"Normal" church meetings have resumed but we should continue to be conscious about COVID like symptoms and have respect for each other and stay at home, especially if you have a current COVID diagnosis.

Have communion as a family and follow the live streaming from the Life Church webpage or Facebook links. Regularly check your emails for the latest updates from the church.

Contact our leaders if you need assistance. 

Pastors and Elders Life Church