SPEAK NOW! - You only have until this Friday, January 13

Happy New Year! I wish I wasn't having to come to you with this so early, but those seeking to redefine marriage never sleep.

One of the first things on Parliament’s agenda for 2017 is a Senate inquiry into a draft law to redefine marriage.

But you and I only have until this Friday, January 13, to speak.

After taking away the peoples’ vote, politicians pushing for same-sex marriage have initiated a Senate Select Committee to try and keep the issue alive.

The committee is examining the supposed religious freedoms of the draft law, which were proposed by Attorney General George Brandis.

The trouble with Mr Brandis’ draft law is that only ministers of religion have their religious freedom protected. It is as if no one else in Australia is entitled to freedom of conscience or belief.

Under the draft law, we all must support same-sex marriage or face going to court and being fined under so called “hate speech” laws which operate at State level. It’s that or stay silent about our true beliefs. That’s not freedom.

This is why it is vital that we all act now to tell the Senate that redefining marriage has consequences for freedom.

We live in a democracy which means we have the privilege of contributing to Senate inquiries like this.

If we don’t speak, those who are working very hard to redefine marriage will continue their false narrative that there are no consequences.

This website contains information to help you.

Please take a moment to write your own submission. It does not have to be long, but we must speak up before Friday. This website contains information to help you.

Thanks for taking action.

God bless,

Lyle Shelton
Managing Director

PS: Thanks to everyone who prayed and sent messages of support in the wake of the pre-Christmas fire-bombing of our Canberra office. We are still very concerned about the ACT Police’s hasty judgement that we were not targeted in any way. We hope this is right, but to have made this decision within hours of the bombing is deeply perplexing. We are still seeking answers from the police.

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