The Victorian Government’s attack on religious schools and churches

Austrlian Christian Lobby

Pastors and priests regularly ask me to let them know when something critical is on the agenda in the Victorian Parliament.  So I am writing to let you know that next week the Legislative Council will be debating restrictions on employment in church and Christian schools.

The Daniel Andrews Government has signalled that its top priority next week is to attack religious freedom in Christian schools and churches. They have listed this Bill at No.1 on notice paper for the final sitting week before Christmas.

The intent of the Equal Opportunity (Religious Exceptions) Bill 2016 is to amend the Equal Opportunity Act so that Christian schools and churches will no longer be able to require that all staff share their faith or ethos.

Under the proposed amendments, Christian schools and churches could be forced to hire people who are fundamentally opposed to what their community stands for.
If this were to happen it would be a terrible blow to religious freedom.

The Age says this is a crackdown on our schools.

Parents choose Christian schools because they want their children growing up and learning in a Christian community. It’s called freedom of association and freedom of religion.

The Andrews Government is determined to undermine parent’s choices and redefine the character and ethos of religious schools.

Interestingly, major political parties and Andrews Government MP’s will continue to enjoy the right to recruit staff according to their beliefs and values. Their right will remain protected by the Equal Opportunity Act.

The Bill passed the Legislative Assembly (which the Government controls) but can now be defeated in the Legislative Council (which the Government does not control).

Would you have a moment to email your relevant Upper House MP’s and ask them to take a stand for religious freedom.