Steve Kington - The Community says thanks

Life Op Shop Manager receives award. 

Hume Region Community Work Program - Department of Justice & Regulation, awards Steve Kington

Steve Kington – Life Op Shop Mooroopna

Life Op Shop has been a community work partner for 9 years, commencing the partnership in 2007. During this time, Steve has accepted placement of 131 offenders for community work. The Life Op Shop has a vision to help local people and organisations in need, running the Op Shop in order to raise funds to assist the community in any way they can. With the only prerequisite being having the ability to laugh, you can see why the offenders enjoy attending this site. Steve offers the offenders the ability to work in a non-judgmental, happy, team environment, all while being able to connect back to their community. Steve regularly helps our offenders who are disadvantaged, supplying them with household goods when times are tough, and providing clothing and shoes to allow them to attend community work. Steve also supports the Shepparton CCS in-house community work program by providing materials to be cut for rags, which provides light-duties community work opportunities for offenders.

Outstanding Contribution – Supervisor

This award thanks our site supervisors that are directly responsible for the supervision of offenders whilst at Community Work. All of our amazing site supervisors provide supervision, guidance and training to the offenders that are completing work with their community organisations. Although we are truly grateful for all our supervisors, there are a few that we would like to formally acknowledge for their services. These supervisors consistently have offenders reporting back how much they enjoyed completing work alongside these supervisors.