As part of Life Church, the Prayer Chain Team are a group of people who are devoted and faithful to praying for the needs of Life church people as well as others requesting prayer.

The aim of the Prayer Chain is to provide a supportive ministry that promptly mobilises people to pray effectively and quickly in times of need. We act in accordance with God’s word to see God intervene in people’s lives in times of need and His purposes effected in their lives.


We know that God hears our prayer and is faithful to meet our needs as we call upon Him.

The Prayer Chain is a Confidential Unit. Prayer requests are treated as highly confidential to respect the privacy of the people we are asked to pray for. Prayer requests are not discussed with others outside the team and rarely within the team except for clarification if requested.

Please text your Prayer Request to the phone number given and we will gladly pray for your need.

*If requesting prayer on behalf of someone else, please obtain permission from them first.

Just a first name if you like or you can be anonymous.
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