Life Youth

Aimed at young people aged Grade 6 to Year 12 Life Youth has always been focussed on Christ in everything that we do. Even our Youth events are geared around the meeting of Christians. We are open to youth from every walk of life joining us and make them feel comfortable as soon as possible. This year, with all the lockdowns and turbulations going on in the world and church it has been hard building consistency and report but continually checking in on the youth and making sure that we are on the same page. We’ve been walking through the book of Mark with often and long detours discussing life, school, pandemics and Christianity along the way, letting the youth dictate the stuff we talk about most of the time. The goal at our youth is to develop a deeper relationship with God through an experience of Him as well as a deeper knowledge of Him. Believing that these two parts need to come together in order to make a mature Christian the hope is to raise youth better equipped to deal with the challenges that  they will face in the world and not only survive but thrive.  

Contact Ps Christiaan du Preez if you want to know more about our Youth program.