Life Care

Life Care is the care arm of Life Church and exists to be the visible hands and feet of Jesus to the church and the wider community.

People can be referred to Life Care in times of emergency or difficulty or even just in need of someone to talk to. We are here to help in any way we can utilise the resources of the church, op shop, Govt. agencies and other welfare organisations.

People in need can be referred to Life Care by calling our Life Op Shop and speak to the Manager Sandy Anderson 0428 220 290 any time and is not limited to only church people.

What better way of showing God’s love to people than to show that you care for them in their situation. Mathew 22; 36-39

If you would like to help we would love to hear from you. You can join one of our Care Teams and really make a difference in someone’s life. If you have a specific skill or just want to help out, please get in touch, you can do as much or as little as you like, and you might just make a new friend.